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Whole Foods Market Opens Gorgeous New Store in Oxnard, California

Whole foods oxnard
A line of hungry and excited customers began to form an hour before the grand opening of the new 30,000 square foot Whole Foods Market located at 650 Town Center Drive, Oxnard CA. The smell of fresh BBQ and upbeat music provided by a local favorite, DJ Bruce Barrios, greeted the stores first customers as they hoped to be one of the first 500 in order to receive free baguettes.
Whole foods oxnard 2
Be Green team members Megan and Bryan were met with the same excitement when they arrived to check out the commotion. Beyond the busy bustle of shopping carts, the team was welcomed into what could be described as an ‘organic experience’. The new building, which was built from the ground up, was totally customized to suit Whole Foods needs and it shows. The space features astoundingly high ceilings and incredible amounts of natural light giving shoppers the feeling of being outside, transporting you away from the shopping center locale in which the building is set. The atmosphere allows customers to take their time learning about everything Whole Foods has to offer from organic food to supplements to home care goods.

Whole foods oxnard 3
As Whole Foods Market was Be Green’s first major customer, they will always have a special place in our heart. Be Green attends every Whole foods opening and participates in ways that will be impactful for their team. To show their endless support, Be Green has donated a full month of products to the Oxnard store and is looking forward to supplying Whole Foods with it’s new retail line of plates and bowls in the coming weeks. One percent of proceeds from the new line of products will go to the Whole Planet Foundation, which runs one of the largest microcredit lending non-profits worldwide.

– Bryan Latchford

Panama Goes Green With Cuquita Cookita Cuisine

Just a few short months after we launched our online store, we received an order from Panama out of the blue.  This piqued our curiosity and so we did a little digging to discover just who was behind the plant fiber packaging demand down by the equator… what we found blew us away!

Enter Cuquita Cookita  — a gorgeously executed, innovative  “…business dreamed, created and managed by women who are conscious about the environment and how our choices affect it.” (that’s a direct quote from Cuquita Calvo, one of the visionaries behind Cookita) So committed, in fact, that they import Be Green Packaging’s utility and sushi trays to hold and transport their culinary creations.

Cuquita Cookita tray

Led by renowed Panamanian Chef Cuquita Calvo, patrons can customize their meals from a daily selection of salads, carvings and side dishes to enjoy at the beautiful and tastefully decorated restaurant or on the go at their own convenience. Their gourmet meals are prepeared with the finest local ingredients in truly sustainable plant fiber packaging.

little girl cuquita cookita

It’s always inspiring to hear pioneering stories of eco-conscious entrepreneurs like the ladies behind Cuquita Cookita and the lengths that they will go to execute their vision and stay in alignment with their environmental and socially conscious ideals.

cuquita cookita to go bag
You can learn more about Cuquita Cookita at their website here: Cuquita Cookita

If you’re in Panama, make sure to stop by and check them out!

Be Green Celebrates Earth Day 2013 Across the Country

It’s that time of year again — Spring is in the air and as nature renews itself, we all collectively come together to celebrate Earth Day in its honor.

Santa Barbara, California

On the West coast of the US in Santa Barbara, CA, Megan Havrda, who is both the Be Green Packaging Eco Advisory Board Chairwoman and a member of the Community Environmental Council (an innovative, SB-local, environmentally focsed non-profit) joined the CEC in celebrating the work, life and career of Van Jones, a notable sustainability and environmental advocate.  Jones is widely known for his role as Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, among other things in his distinguished, activist career.

van jones megan havrda earth hero award cec

Jones visited the Santa Barbara region to accept an award bestowed by the CEC in honor of his tireless work promoting environmentally conscious values in his incredible career as a thought leader and eco-social activist.

earth day santa barbara 2013

Bluffton, South Carolina

On the other side of the country, the Be Green South Carolina team celebrated Earth Day with Experience Green, a Beaufort county, SC local non-profit focused on engaging the community in sustainable environmental and social practices.  Like the CEC, Experience Green puts on an incredible Earth Day festival and celebration to raise awareness about all things green and good.

earth day south carolina 2013

Be Green had a booth at this years event and got to meet and engage much of the local community.

be green earth day south carolina 2013

2013 Santa Barbara International Film Festival Goes Green With Be Green

Every January, Santa Barbara’s normally sleepy streets burst into life as the annual International Film Festival kicks off.  Now in its 28th year, the SBIFF is drawing top industry names like Ben Affleck, Daniel Day-Lewis, and  Jennifer Lawrence and more as it’s reputation as a world class festival grows.  However, all the international attention doesn’t mean that the festivals directors are losing sight of their Santa Barbara roots.  That’s why for third year in a row, they have teamed up with Santa Barbara local sustainable packaging pioneers Be Green Packaging to supply their opening night gala with certified biodegradable and recyclable dining ware.  Local restauranteurs then use the eco friendly bowls, plates, and trays to serve up delicious dishes that reflect the city’s world class dining culture.  It is truly a magnificent event that sees the classy Paseo Nuevo mall transformed into a chic outdoor night club complete with live music, DJ’s, dancing and schmoozing.

If you’re in town between January 24th and February 3rd, 2013, be sure to see a few of the independent films making their debut at one of the city’s beautiful, historic theaters.  And if you do, keep an eye out for Be Green’s ad playing before each film.

Maybe next year you’ll be eating your popcorn out of one our environmentally friendly bowls

2013 SBIFF Be Green Packaging

Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute Celebrates the Legacy of Visionary Cofounder William McDonough

William_McDonoughPioneering ‘green’ architect and visionary William McDonough was honored last night at a private gala in San Francisco, CA.  McDonough is widely known for his seminal book Cradle to Cradle (co-written with Michael Braungart), which launched a revolution in the way we think about a products life cycle.  The book has inspired an entire generation to abandon the old ‘cradle to grave’ mentality in which products are thrown away at the end of their useful life. Instead, McDonough and Braungart propose that we design products not to be discarded, but as technical nutrients that can be reused indefinitely, thereby avoiding the landfill and all the problems caused by their use

McDonough is also known for his visionary work as a green architect, which integrates environmentally conscious design features such as passive solar heating and other energy and water saving features.  He has designed forward thinking, green buildings for NASA, the Environmental Defense Fund, Ford Motors and Gap, among others.  Many of McDonough’s projects have been awarded LEED certifications, which recognize outstanding sustainable design elements within new or retrofitted buildings.

On hand to celebrate the event was Be Green Packaging CEO Ron Blitzer.  Blitzer’s company, which manufactures and distributes compostable and recyclable plant fiber packaging, has held a Cradle to Cradle Silver certification since 2010.  Be Green’s product line is firmly rooted in the Cradle to Cradle philosophy as it can be reused as a nutrient at the end of its life cycle in multiple different ways depending on how the product is disposed of.  Blitzer is known to be a champion of the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, and the book is required reading for all employees at Be Green Packaging.

Community Environmental Council Hosts Annual Green Gala Fundraiser; Be Green Joins in the Festivities

This past weekend, the Community Environmental Council (CEC) threw the ‘greenest party of the year’ at the historic Armory building in downtown Santa Barbara.  The event, which attracts local environmental, business, innovation, and philanthropic leaders, is intended to help the CEC reach its annual fundraising goals so that the organization can continue its tireless mission of promoting environmental education and social change in the Santa Barbara region.  Of the many things the CEC is known for, putting on incredible, awareness-raising events is definitely near the top of the list and this years Green Gala was no exception.  This years event featured artisan foods and decorations from throughout Santa Barbara county as well as an incredible LED light display from an Ojai-based entertainment company and Cirque du Soleil performers.

Be Green Packaging is a long-time supporter of the CEC and its mission of promoting environmental awareness through education and social outreach.  Some of the companies best and brightest attended this years event to show their support and celebrate sustainability in true Santa Barbara style.

To learn more about the CEC and their mission visit their website here: Santa Barbara Community Environmental Council

Be Green Team at the Green Gala

green gala tree people 2012

Cirque du Soleil Performers Dressed as Life-Size Trees

National Plug-In Day Santa Barbara Style – Celebrate Electric Cars at the Harbor on Sept. 23rd

volt leaf priusThis Sunday, September 23rd, 2012, the Community Environmental Council of Santa Barbara will be hosting a National Plug-in Day event at the Harbor Parking Lot near Los Banos pool.  Santa Barbara is one of 60 forward thinking communities across the country who will take part by hosting an event in their city celebrating the burgeoning electric car movement.

The festivities begin at 11am with ride and drives in the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius along with food, music, and other festivities.

At 12pm Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate two new electric vehicle charging stations being installed at the harbor parking lot– the newest additions to the 100+ charging stations along the Central Coast.

cecsb logoAnd finally, the event will close at 1pm with a parade of electric cars that will tour downtown before finally dispersing at the Arlington Theatre.

If you decide to attend, look out for Be Green Packaging CEO Ron Blitzer in his Limited Edition Electric BMW.

For further details, directions and info on joining the event, head over to the CEC’s National Plug-in Day Event Page.

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